Truth About Shaving

Truth about shaving

Shaving, does it really help the hair follicle grow Thicker, Darker or Faster?

This is a very and I mean very common question. We see it with such abundance that it has become a normal part of our daily routine. I’m hoping this article will help us take that myth off our schedule or at least aide in the time we spend explaining.

In 1928, A study by Forensic anthropologist  Mildred Trotter, tested on four men (Of different physical types)  who  agreed to shave the left side of their faces in one downward stroke.  All under the same conditions keeping them as uniform as possible. The same brand of shaving soap for lathering, as well as the same water temperature and razors with new blades for each shave.

The results of the study were published in the journal Anatomical Record, and found that shaving has no effect on hair’s color, texture or growth rate.

A more recent study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology in 1970 also tested the theory. and concluded that “No significant differences in total weight of hair produced in a measured area, or in width or rate of growth of individual hairs, could be ascribed to shaving,”

The beardspot

What about all the people saying they see darker follicles?
Why do women avoid shaving the mustache area?


To be fair, women avoid shaving these areas because although the hairs are not thicker there will be an illusion of it being thicker due to the area where the follicle is cut. Which happens to be thicker than the tip of the follicle. So if the base is thick and thins towards the tip,  odds are when you shave you will see a thicker, darker part of the follicle peaking out. But give it time and it will grow just as it was before.

So no, shaving will not alter growth, thickness, nor color. On account that the follicles base is still intact and following its normal cycle.


Video Explaining a little more.




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