Shaving vs Trimming

Can I shave/trim during my journey?

One of the most common questions ive seen in the group. So in this article I deal with shaving/trimming/ letting it grow during the minoxidil journey.


Trimming your beard can help in better absorption of minox and also you wont waste the product. But the problem with it is that if you are planning to grow a long beard, it takes more time the more you trim it.
For the first 3 months, i used to trim my beard every week.

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Shaving is more riskier when compared to trimming. Shaving can be done correctly but there are several precautions to take while shaving like

1. Use a sharp razor. Never use a dull razor to shave as this can pull out the vellus hairs. Vellus hairs are the hairs that come first and they have really week roots and you can pull them out easily.
2. Do not shave AGAINST the grain. This can also pull out the hairs and also cause ingrown hairs.

And its a popular myth that shaving makes you hairs thicker which is wrong.

Letting it grow
You can let your beard grow out while on the journey. But the only disadvantage is that ot becomes really tough to apply minox and a some of minox gets wasted. You will have to use more and more quantity as the length of your beard increases.

While I personally think its better to trim for the starting few months of the journey, it is actually your preference whether you need to trim, shave or let it grow. Hope all of you grow amazing beards and beard on!!

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