Terminal hairs v. Vellus hairs

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Terminal hairs, transitional vellus hairs, and new vellus hairs all in the same area.

How do you know if your beard hairs are terminal? Here are some pictures of my beard to help you see the difference.

Since I already had a goatee before I started using minoxidil, I have the advantage of being able to compare my naturally mature terminal hairs on my beard to the new vellus hairs I am growing out with the help of minoxidil.

Notice in these pictures how much thicker the terminal hairs are than the smaller vellus hairs. Not only can you see some of my new thin vellus hairs, you can also see some “transitional hairs”. Transitional hairs are technically still considered vellus hair, but they are thicker and have more pigmentation than the newer fine vellus hair, making them appear darker. Looking still at the transitional hairs, you can see that even though they are thicker, they still aren’t as thick and deep in color as the thickest, deepest terminal hairs in these photos. A final and important interesting thing to note are the hair follicles of the terminal hairs where the deep color of the terminal hair can be seen through the top of the skin. Remember that a hair can only turn terminal once the hair follicle can have enough blood supply and access to sebaceous glands to be able to feed the much thicker terminal hairs. It takes time for these follicles to be stimulated by the minox and to grow and mature into a terminal hair follicle.

When will vellus turn terminal? Everyone’s body is different, and all you can do is keep applying minox for 6 – 12 months so your new vellus hair can mature into the thicker terminal hairs. Eat a healthy diet with good fats, proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, get plenty of sleep and drink plenty of water. Above all, be patient and consistent in applying your minox!


By Joaquin.




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