Safe Beard oils and Moisturizers (without known DHT Blockers)

Beard oils and Moisturizers

This list contains known oils and creams that are safe to use on the minoxidil beard journey, that do not contain DHT blockers, or if they do contain DHT blockers, the amount is so low that any adverse impact on your beard journey would be minimal or practically none. This list will always be edited and updated as we learn new information.

Good Beard Oils

*100% Pure cold-pressed Jojoba Oil
*100% pure Jamaican Black Castor Oil / 100% Pure Castor

Oil (Some brands of JBCO or Castor oil add other oils in

the bottle, so be careful on what you buy.)
*100% Peppermint Essential Oil: Mentha piperita (Never put undiluted Peppermint oil directly on the face. It must first be diluted with a carrier oil.)
*Sandalwood (Never put undiluted sandalwood oil directly on the face. It must first be diluted with a carrier oil.)
*Bergamot Oil
*Eucalyptus Oil

Good Moisturizing Creams:

*Ponds Cold Cream
*Johnsons’s Baby Lotion
*Nivea Soft


Known Benefits:

*Castor oil is the best for making the beard hair APPEAR thicker
*Jojoba is  best for moisturizing
*Eucalyptus for restoring hair and good for overall health of hair
*Bergamot is good for growth rate but be cautious because it’s a citric, it reacts with the sun and can stain your skin if you are on direct sunlight for extended periods of time and must be diluted because its stronger (more caustic than peppermint oil)

By Joaquin

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