For those of you who have been in the Minox beard spot for a while, by now i’m sure you know, love or hate our favorite redneck Damien. who Initially became popular because of his mug shot, gun arguments and overall being a lovable cunt. What really made Damien stand out however, was his fascination with (under shot selfies) Awkwardly popular now known as #BeardsFromBelow .

Who started this trend is hard to say, some say reddit made it happen but this redneck was taking those selfies none stop a very long time ago. So who knows, anyhow the van-wagon is picking up strays very fast.




What is it all about?

Now men all over the world are doing like Damien and posting these under shots, frightening the ladies from coast coast. However, as uncomfortable as they are to look at, The #BeardsFromBelow trend has created a social movement that doesn’t want to die off quick. To be fair we have found some very creative ones as well as some very poor attempts but in the end if its about beards its worth trying.

So lets follow Damien’s lead and drops some #BeardsFromBelow.


Send your most creative photos to Basikali@icloud.com


Lets see some creative #BeardsFromBelow






















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