Beard Oils & Beard Supplements – Do They Work?

Beard Oils:

There’s a lot of hype around beard products. People will try anything to grow a better beard and companies have noticed that. Companies such as “Beard Czar” and “Dollar Beard Club” offer certain oils that they claim will help promote beard growth, thicken your beard, fill in patchiness, etc… The truth is that none of their products will do any of that. Their beard oils are often loaded with DHT inhibitors, which in case you didn’t know DHT or Dihydrotestosterone is an androgen hormone that is specifically responsible for androgenic hair growth and development, which includes facial hair. So if your beard needs DHT in order to grow, how can a product that inhibits it’s production help you grow a beard? The simple answer is: It doesn’t. See, DHT plays a pretty big role in hair loss in cases of male pattern baldness. People suffering from MPB are sensitive to normal levels of DHT. The DHT will attack their hair follicles and cause them to miniaturize which gives them the appearance of going bald. In reality, there’s still hair there but it’s very short, thin and colorless. Products containing DHT inhibitors have been proven to help reverse MPB and help regrow hair on the scalp. Companies automatically assume if a product is good for the hair on your head, it must be good for your beard. Little do they know, that’s not how it works. Those products while helpful for regrowing hair on your head can actually be pretty harmful to your facial hair growth and development. So it’s best to avoid any oils that claim to “thicken your beard hair” because there are no oils out there that have been proven to promote new growth or to thicken your beard hair. In fact most commercially available beard oils contain potent DHT inhibitors so it’s best to just make your own at home using simple ingredients like Jojoba oil, Peppermint oil and Bergamot.

Beard Supplements:

The same companies also offer “Beard Supplements”. A vitamin that they claim will strengthen your hair, increase thickness and fill in thin spots to overall give you a fuller beard. This is also BS. Their “Beard Supplement” is really just a severely overpriced multivitamin with a beard on the label. If you look at the ingredients in these so-called “Beard Supplements” you’ll see they contain the exact same vitamins and minerals as any normal once-a-day multi-vitamin that you can get over the counter at any pharmacy for a few bucks. These companies know people will do anything to grow a thicker, fuller beard so they take advantage of that by repacking multivitamins, slapping a beard on the label and charging $90 for a bottle. These “beard supplements” will never give you a fuller beard. They might help improve over-all hair health but you can obtain that just by eating a proper balanced diet.

Overall, I suggest you avoid any products claiming to help you grow a “fuller, thicker beard” as they will never do that and they’re just a massive waste of money.

Also if reading isn’t your thing, I suggest you check out my video below about Beard Supplements.

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