Beard Dandruff Tips and tricks


If you’re here,  odds are you have been targeted by those pesky little white flakes that happen to show up at the worst time. Not that any time would be a good time, but these little b!tch3s appear out of nowhere,  during an  important meeting, during a date or just on a regular ordinary day that could have been great  without these flakes frosting your nice black dress shirt.

Ive been there, and noticing until after you decided to talk to the girl you like, pretty much feels like death. So I decided to try a few options and fight back…. “NO MORE WHITE FLAKES!!”



What Causes Beard Dandruff?

Most men think its dry skin flaking away scaring the ladies,  but in reality it can be a little more complex. In some cases it may be only dry skin but in many  circumstances, the dandruff is actually caused by fungus or a combination of other things.

Some of the common causes can be water temperature, lack of properly drying the beard , soap or shampoo residues, skin conditions, and or fungus. Whatever the cause we need to eradicate the problem and show off a flake less beard.

Fighting the Dandruff

  • Shampoo

In my case, I stumbled across a shampoo bottle that pretty much seemed like the perfect choice, so I went for it. “Head & Shoulders” figured if anything at least my scalp would be flake free.

While shampooing in the shower, spread down to the roots of your beard. Be sure to make contact with the skin and massage the area.

Do not over do it, once or twice per week should be enough.

  • Baby Shampoo

If you have kids save some cash and use a bit of their shampoo, they wont notice it may possibly be enough to rid you off the flakes.


  • Medicated Shampoo

    If you dont mind spending then medicated shampoos may be the best and fastest choice for you. Keep in mind everyone is different, so nothing is 100% guaranteed but chances are high when it comes to using a medicated shampoo that targets the fungus directly.

  • Prescription Anti fungal Shampoo


When all fails go to a specialist.




  • Beard Oil

If the flaking is mild or light than beard oils may be the best way to fight the flakes. Not only will beard oils keep you’re beard soft and hydrated but they will keep the skin healthy as well.


  • Moisturizing

In the case of your dandruff being result of dry skin, moisturizing with a fragrance free face lotion is a great option.




  • Things to consider

Water consumption is a very vital part of bearding, I suggest you swap the soft drinks for water and make it a habit.

Water temperature is also a factor so keep in mind that hot water can be nice but it may be drying out your face.

After showering make sure to fully dry your face avoid fungus or moisture irritation.

  • Basik’s Conclusion 

Beard dandruff is a B!tch!!!!!


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