Beard Dandruff Tips and tricks

  If you’re here,  odds are you have been targeted by those pesky little white flakes that happen to show up at the worst time. Not that any time would be a good time, but these little b!tch3s appear out of nowhere,  during an  important meeting, during a date or just on a regular ordinary […]


#BeardsFromBelow For those of you who have been in the Minox beard spot for a while, by now i’m sure you know, love or hate our favorite redneck Damien. who Initially became popular because of his mug shot, gun arguments and overall being a lovable cunt. What really made Damien stand out however, was his […]

No Shave November” or Movember

 What is this “No Shave November” or Movember I keep hearing about? So once a year in November to be exact we begin hearing about this “No Shave November” or  “Movember” (moustache + November), and all our friends, sports heroes and movie stars begin letting their beards grow, pretty much everyone but us, until now. So […]

Truth About Shaving

Truth about shaving Shaving, does it really help the hair follicle grow Thicker, Darker or Faster? This is a very and I mean very common question. We see it with such abundance that it has become a normal part of our daily routine. I’m hoping this article will help us take that myth off our […]

Terminal hairs v. Vellus hairs

              Terminal hairs, transitional vellus hairs, and new vellus hairs all in the same area. How do you know if your beard hairs are terminal? Here are some pictures of my beard to help you see the difference. Since I already had a goatee before I started using minoxidil, […]

Shaving vs Trimming

Can I shave/trim during my journey? One of the most common questions ive seen in the group. So in this article I deal with shaving/trimming/ letting it grow during the minoxidil journey. Trimming Trimming your beard can help in better absorption of minox and also you wont waste the product. But the problem with it […]